Thomas Loupe

Sound Designer, Composer and Game Designer

Ever wondered what it would sound like on an alien-infested planet? How about futuristic marines fighting aliens? What would a newscast in space sound like on a colonized planet? What would a slime monster sound like if it had no legs and were round? Check out the demos below to find out!

A great sound designer can create sounds out of words. No images or videos were allowed to be used when creating the sounds for this game. Can you hear when the “Black Hole Swallows Planet”? How about when an “Enemy Ship Spawns”? Bringing words and images to life always starts with an empty canvas.

From monsters with no legs and gelatin-like bodies to gold coins and shields breaking, every sound effect brings its own character to make a great theme!

Thomas Loupe

Thomas Loupe

Sound Designer, Composer and Game Designer

Hi, I’m Thomas Loupe. I’m a sound designer, producer, composer and game designer. I’ve created sound effects and music for film, award-winning video games and media.

I grew up playing various brass, stringed and percussive instruments. During the mid 90’s I became fascinated with computer technology, programming and PC games. I began creating sounds and music as a hobby during my free time while I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas in the United States Army as an Automated Logistics Specialist. I went to college for some time to learn the art of sound design, then was offered the opportunity to begin working as a sound designer. Based on my high GPA and the experience I already had, I chose to leave college and jump feet-first into the industry.

I love playing with analogue and digital gear, and really enjoy getting outside to do foley work. I’ve had a consistent passion for creativity in games and media. I enjoy working with all aspects of audio, whether it be the sound effects of an alien screaming and clawing, voice-overs for games and trailers, or music that engages listeners and gets their adrenaline pumping or calms their nerves after their 50th death on the same boss. My goal is to inspire and entertain others through my passion for sound in game design, music, and development and to deliver a remarkable, memorable experience to all through my work that consistently raises the quality bar and unites the world.


Professional Design.

A cumulative of 8+ years of professional experience in the gaming industry, from sound design and music composition using top quality plugins, software and hardware, to quality assurance and project management and company management. Trained by industry professionals on a broad range of courses from game design and audio production, and first-hand experience holding multiple roles in an indie-game company.



My game design, audio skills, programming experience, and quality assurance cover multiple game genres, including FPS, RTS, RPG, ARPG, MOBA and Fantasy/Sci-Fi games. I’ve worked with many talented individuals in the gaming industry and picked up all their good practices along the way, allowing me to understand game design from all aspects. I also compose for games in over 8 genres of music, create my own foley material, and I mix and master my own work.

Teacher and Student.

A good trait of a sound designer is not to be scared of being experimental or making mistakes, and knowing when you can excel and make something better when nobody else is. Often, mistakes and experiments lead to great discoveries! Part of achieving sound design goals quickly and efficiently is knowing your own limitations and and shattering them through experimentation and dedication to create outstanding sonic experiences that have never been heard before. I aim to do exactly that!

Game Design 101!

In the gaming industry, I’ve had many roles: game designer, project lead, sound designer, composer, and company director. I have a great understanding of the game design process from start to finish. I understand content pipelines and responsibilities. I’m also able to work efficiently solo, or on a team. All work I contribute keeps all fields of design in mind to help deliver great content quickly.

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