Thomas Loupe

Sound Designer, Composer, Producer, and Programmer
About Thomas

About Thomas

Sound Designer, Composer and Game Designer

Hi, I’m Thomas Loupe. I’m a sound designer, producer, composer and game designer. I’ve created sound effects and music for film, award-winning video games and media.

I grew up playing various brass, stringed and percussive instruments. During the mid 90’s I became fascinated with computer technology, programming and PC games. I began creating sounds and music as a hobby during my free time while I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas in the United States Army as an Automated Logistics Specialist. I went to college for some time to learn the art of sound design, then was offered the opportunity to begin working as a sound designer. Based on my high GPA and the experience I already had, I chose to leave college and jump feet-first into the industry.

I love playing with analogue and digital gear, and really enjoy getting outside to do foley work. I’ve had a consistent passion for creativity in games and media, whether it be creating the sound effects of an alien screaming and clawing, voice-overs for games and trailers, or music that engages listeners and gets their adrenaline pumping or calms their nerves.

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