What is Thr3e?

Thr3e is an Action Role-Playing Game that I’m developing in my free time to learn the Unity game engine. Journey through randomly generated dungeons as the gargantuan melee Brute, smashing your way through foes. Not fond of melee? Try the teleporting Sorcerer, who wields the power of the forces of nature and uses them to destroy her enemies. Feel like being sneaky? The Shadow-Weaver slices and dices demons to shreds before they even know what hit them!

Destroy the forces of evil and collect loot. Build your gear up and attempt to slay the last boss up to a maximum of three times for chances to upgrade. Beware, each time you fail to defeat the boss your rewards get smaller! Fight through three difficulty levels, enemies that are resistant to specific attacks and spells, and deadly unique act bosses. Does it sound like a game you already know and love? That’s probably because I’m developing it as closely as possible to the great aRPG that started it all!

Download Thr3e

Current build: 0.0.6840.4176

Windows | Mac | Linux

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How many people are working on Thr3e?

I’m the only developer working on Thr3e. I’m able to make mistakes, fix them, dictate the game design systems, create the sound effects, particle effects, music, animations, maps, and code. I’m choosing to do this project alone because I enjoy creating something from nothing, and it gives me the opportunity to show that I’m not just a sound designer and composer, I’m a passionate gamer that loves to create. From a solo development perspective, I get to learn every aspect of game design. It’s extremely challenging, but it helps me understand and appreciate each and every profession that goes into creating any game.

How long did it take to create this playable demo?

This project took a year to complete. I had to learn the C# language and Unity from scratch. I learned programming, animation, particle effects, mapping, performance, modelling, lighting, UI, 2D/3D art, and more while creating this project.

Do you have any long-term goals for Thr3e?

I do, but I have to be realistic. A game you’re passionate about is never really finished, and while I have all kinds of ideas for the game, most people will have never heard about or play this game. I’m happy with the demo I have currently. If people enjoy the idea of Thr3e and want development to continue, I’d need the funds to do it. However, the roadmap would look something like this:

Co-op and multiplayer – Battle with up to four friends on your journey through hell.

PvP – Two players spawn at each end of a maze-styled-map with normalized gear and a finite amount of lives. Destroy your opposition, unlock the chest in the center of the map, and collect the loot inside for your reward!

Runewords – Because runewords are cool. Runewords and socketable items are a staple of aRPGs, especially the one that brought us all to love the aRPG genre. Rune combinations, depending on their placed order, contain different stats and effects that modify your gear.

Daily Endless Dungeon Mode – Enter a randomly-generated dungeon that never ends! The further you get, the better loot you’ll get. If you die, it’s all over.

Hardcore Mode – Because everyone loves losing all of their stuff after forgetting they didn’t pause the game or save and exit in time.

Note: Thr3e is a pre-alpha game. Please download the game at your own risk. You may experience bugs, undesirable gameplay and crashes.