Trash Bashers is a multiplayer game developed in Unity. Two players go head-to-head in this 2D-based 1v1 arena platformer, collecting powerups, and blasting their opponents with different weapons.

Download Trash Bashers*

Current build: 0.2.0.

12/10/2017 Build 0.2.0

New multiplayer menu and lobby.

Options are now available to host as server and client, join as client, and host as dedicated server. Players may now choose their player color and name while in the lobby.

New game launch countdown when game is about to start.

Known issues* Falling into kill trigger will not respawn your player.

Kill counter is not yet finished so the game repeats.

5/23/2017 Build 0.1.6

Fixed networking issue of network client inheriting host aim vector (thanks to @briangcronin for the help!)

5/20/2017 Build 0.1.5

Main Menu scene added. Level scene added. Options menu added. Basic networking supports two players.



If you would like to donate toward the development of Trash Bashers, please feel free to contact me.

*Trash Bashers is a pre-alpha game. Please download the game at your own risk. You may experience bugs, unfinished systems and crashes.