Fight as a meatball – against other meatballs – on – using explosives – inside of a fridge – on top of moldy cheese – while listening to metal music.

Sound like mayhem? You bet your ass it is! It’s Meatball Mayhem!

Meatball Mayhem is a TwitchPlays interactive free-for-all game that connects streamers with their viewers, allowing them to host a match for chatters or play against them! Streamers can connect their Twitch accounts to the game, and within a minute, start a match with up to six players all duking it out for victory. Each player controls their own meatball player through Twitch chat by whispering commands to the streamer in order to move, aim, and fire explosives at other players. Guide your meatball around the map during the move phase, and destroy your opponents during the attack phase. The last meatball left wins the game and gets a special surprise!



Sub and donation rewards.

More maps.

Higher player cap.

An app that allows you to control your meatball without needing to type commands.

And more!


Ready to cause some mayhem? Download the game for Windows, Mac, or Linux!

Need to know how to link your Twitch account? Instructions are now included in the game!

Looking for patch notes? Click here!

Please note that Meatball Mayhem is actively being developed. You might run into bugs or undesirable results or gameplay sometimes!