Meatball Mayhem Stream Setup

IMPORTANT: The Twitch account you choose to link must be able to receive private messages. This is done to cut down on chat spam and filtering.

Step 1:

Head to Log in using the account you wish to create an app for. Click on the “Create/Register app” button.

Step 2:

Create a new app. Fill in the fields. Name your app “Meatball Mayhem“. Set the OAuth Redirect URL to “http://localhost“, and set your Category as “Game Integration“.

Step 3:

Copy the Client ID information into the first text input in Meatball Mayhem’s stream setup menu.

Step 4:

Head to¬† Log in using the same Twitch account you previously used to generate your app and client ID. Scroll down and set “chat_login” to “yes“.

Step 5:

Scroll down and select “Generate Token“. Wait a moment while it generates the tokens.

Step 6:

When the page refreshes with your tokens, copy the first token at the top of the page into Meatball Mayhem’s second text field. Copy the second token in Meatball Mayhem’s last text field.

Step 7:

In Meatball Mayhem’s third text field, type in the name of the Twitch account you just used on the Twitch Dev Dashboard/Twitch Token Generator website.

Step 8:

Click “Link Bot” in Meatball Mayhem. The bot is now linked and ready to play. You won’t have to set this back up unless you regenerate a token or you delete the game.